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Our goal is to aid in the transformation of humanity through the use of our holistic products and services, allowing each individual to live life in tune with their highest vibration. 

At LIT, we help people to reach their highest potential through our reiki services, while offering a product line ranging from healing energy crystals to jewelry, spiritual candles and other modalities. Enhancing each individuals connection to the divine energy of the universe. 

If you want to be enlightened…

Live Life In Tune




We recognize that there has been a shift in consciousness in recent years. A shift which has been awakening many of us to search for something greater that all of us. Humanity has grown tired of living with the disconnect from spirit that has lasted for far too long. We are all divine beings, and we all deserve to live our lives as such. Our mission at LIT is to provide the healing space, the knowledge, and the tools that we all need to find our divine spirit. To reconnect with ourselves and strengthen the bond which makes us all one with the divine in each of us as well with each other. We are One, after all. Offering our services to all of you who wish to Live In Tune with the highest vibration of love is what our purpose is, to help you find yours.